Howard Z. Lorber, LCSW

                                                      Psychotherapist & Anthropologist

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Intimacy: Developing it, sustaining it and deepening it (without losing yourself)

We’ll look at how our relationships form, how they function and how they become self-limiting. We’ll then look at how we can become more involved with others without losing our sense of independence and autonomy.


Coping with Aging: Living Through Middle Age

Turning 40? 50? 60? Middle Age and Aging aren’t all about loss. This workshop focuses on how to face and live with the changing ‘face in the mirror’ and the one ‘on the other side of the bed’. What do you do with your aging parents. What do you do about your kids growing up? What do you do about sex? What do you do about ‘the job’? The group will help develop positive attitudes toward one’s self, one’s partner and peers, one’s seniors and one’s juniors. Middle Age is an opportunity to let go of old conflicts and issues and grow in maturity and wisdom.

Domestic Violence

This is a specialized workshop and/or presentation for professionals in the field. In it we look at the individual, couple and social dynamics of domestic conflict and violence. We then look at models of treatment including their relative strengths and weaknesses. We will also present case material and field descriptions of cases to discuss interventions, legal issues and other aspects of treatment.


Howard Z. Lorber, LCSW        

                                 Psychotherapist & Anthropologist

                                (917) 710-7578                                 hzl@allbluescounseling.co